Mobile Learning Digital Media Curriculum Program

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Just Announced! The Mobile Learning Program has been continued!

Do not miss your opportunity to receive an iPad, digital camera, or audio recorder for participating!

Thinking about integrating mobile technology into your curriculum but not sure where to start? The EdTech Center can give you the skills and products to get you moving! Submit an RFP for a mobile digital media project idea or mobile application design idea and, if your project is approved, you will receive an iPad, camera, or audio recorder to make the project idea, with EdTech support, a reality. Once the project is completed, you may keep the iPad, camera, or audio recorder for continued use to support the project and discover innovative ways to incorporate your mobile device in the classroom! You can find inspiration by reading more about iPad apps and other related articles on the EdTech website.

Additionally, faculty can receive a free app for reviewing an app or suggesting an app bundle on Mobile Learning at Northeastern.

“Mobile Learning at Northeastern” is a central repository for Northeastern University’s mobile learning community. The site provides a space where faculty can post articles, blog and collaborate about mobile technology, and evaluate mobile apps and devices used in the classroom. The goal of is to provide insight into ways mobile devices and apps can support and enhance teaching, research, and learning at Northeastern University. Faculty can review an app or suggest an app bundle and get an app free! For more information visit Mobile Learning at Northeastern.

Below are some ideas on how you can create related interactive curriculum:

Digital Stories
Wikis and Blogs
Online Collaboration Tools
Social Networks and Rich Media Sharing

To be awarded, faculty must submit an application (RFP) outlining a specific mobile digital media project they are planning to implement or mobile application they would like to design and develop. The application requires faculty to submit ideas for using an iPad, digital camera (with HD video), or audio recorder to enhance their curriculum. Proposals requesting iPads must document a need for iPad functionality unique to the device (beyond simple portability) and that could not otherwise be accomplished with a laptop. Faculty must be willing to share their experience with others at Northeastern University.

Proposals will be evaluated by the EdTech Center on the following criteria:

Significance of the mobile digital media project or mobile application and the impact on student learning by incorporating technology.
Plans for sharing the course project experience with others (i.e. making a presentation at a future EdTech Talk).
Project's overall feasibility, likelihood of success, and alignment with the stated goals of the course.

Technology Awards Application Process

Submit a RFP outlining mobile digital media project or mobile application with iPad2, camera, or audio recorder to course
Meet with EdTech Center for a one-on-one consultation to begin proposal work
Faculty awarded iPad, camera, or audio recorder, depending on project needs and complexity, to use for RFP implementation and, once project is completed, the faculty may keep the product for future use
Faculty member documents process via EdTech blog and presents process and project results at a future EdTech Talk
EdTech Center documents project and produces a digital story to publish via web