Advances in educational technology fosters a better learning environment

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Growing up before there were computers meant that being a student sitting in a classroom could be extremely boring due to the fact that the teacher would just talk and talk and talk. Sure, sometimes he or she might have asked a question, yet that was it. This way of learning has been proven by studies to not be very successful as there is no quality interaction going on between the teacher and the students in class. Thanks to the advancement of new educational technology, this has all changed because these advancements actually foster a better learning environment for the students of the class.

How is this possible? Well, let us look at one of the educational technology advancements that have been made - the student response system. Back in the day, the only way for a student to be noticed in a classroom setting was to raise their hand with either an answer to a question or to ask a question. Now thanks to the just mentioned system, students have other ways to "speak up" so to speak in the classroom. For example, in place of raising their hand, with one of these systems they can actually be asked a question via the teacher and then select the answer using the response system, which is typically a smaller hand held unit that features a screen along with buttons. Some even have little keyboards that let student's text if they do not feel comfortable with talking in front of the class.

Another educational technology advancement that has been made is improving the overhead projectors that were commonly used in class. We all know what they are right? You know, one of those cumbersome units that a teacher would flip on and would project a black and white image onto a wall. Pretty basic and not very much fun. What is very interesting is now, these old projectors have been replaced by interactive whiteboards where teachers cannot only go up to what is being projected and move things around to teach, but students can do the same. Therefore, in place of just watching a screen that does not change much, things are constantly changing and keeping everyone engaged.

Ultimately, the advances that have been made in educational technology simply foster a better learning environment for students. For that reason, it is suggested that all classrooms be equipped with this type of technology and a simple way to check it out what is available is by going online. It is both fast and convenient.