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Writing research paper surely is need huge energy. There is a time to be allocating wisely, so time management is needed and very important. There is money to invest in your research and writing process, from buying books, your living cost, for internet bills because you have to do online research, buying paper, and ink for printer to print your writing. Research and writing process can be a hectic times for you, especially for you who are now writing a thesis or dissertation. Even when you already maintain your working process by set a schedule, sometime due to any cause, your schedule not works. But still you have to be discipline and flexible to make several adjustments about the time and the way you work. The important thing is that you are able to finish your writing on time as your professor told you and during the process you discipline with the method and write it thoroughly and seriously. Every student has their own work structure about time management, how to manage their time efficiently. And every student has different condition, whether it’s about finance, health, physic, stress, problems, and learning ability. And as a student you have to able to manage all that kind of challenge in research and writing process.

Research and writing is very interesting process. The intensity of research and writing process is sometimes can be very thrill and sometimes can be very boring especially if you feel getting stuck, have no clue what to write again. Writing is sometime like riding a roller coaster. You get scream happily if you get an inspiration or feel your heart beat when you find something very attract your curiosity. But you need to stay calm down and get relax to get peace in your mind to start your writing by sitting calmly at your chair and facing your personal computer or your notebook to write again. Be patient is important attitude too in research and writing process. And be thorough too to read all your data carefully to get an accurate result for your research conclusion. But sometimes, there is suddenly problems comes that make your writing delay, such as you have to take care your parents or your parents or your children because they are sick, you have to meet your target at work, or you get an accident, and you have to make priority and still not putting aside your writing to second or third priority. Don’t get stuck or confuse too long, make a smart choice, get professional research paper writers.

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