QuizMeOnline A Great Resource of Free Quizzes and Study Guides

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QiuzMeOnline is a great website that I have just discovered this morning in an email from Makeuseof. This is basically a social network for students where they can create and take pre-made quizzes. It is really a great learning tool for students for they can also be able to take notes, create their own flashcards and join study groups.


Study Buddies is one of the features I like so much about this website. Students can search for and find other people with whom they can work, collaborate and interact online. They can add enough buddies to create a study group. There is also the possibility that students create a class or enroll into one to study a topic at their own pace.

Some features of QuizMeOnline

Here is a set of the features that QuizMeOnline offers to its users:

  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It helps students study for a quiz
  • Teachers can use it to create their own quizzes
  • It also lets users create and share flashcards
  • It also allows students to take notes and create study groups
  • It provides study guides for students to learn about a certain process. These study groups can include images, links and YouTube videos.

Head over to QuizMeOnline and give it a try.