Kwiqpoll A Great Polling Tool for Educators

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Kwiqpoll is a great web tool that allows its users to  easily and instantly create and post polls. Are you looking for ways to garner feedback from your students on a certain assignment or something you have thought them before ? If so then give Kwiqpoll a shot. It is down to earth easy and does not require any sign up or software download.


Just head over to Kwiqpoll main page and type in your question. Provide the  answer choices. The first two answers are mandatory. Select the life span of your poll. you either select three or 7 days. This is the only inconvenience I have remarked in this website. the time your poll stays valid is 7 days maximum but I think in education it is enough for us to carry on constructive polling with our students. Once you have created your poll you will be provided a unique URL for your poll page that you can share with your students or colleagues. Here is a snapshot of  a poll I have created earlier

kwiqpoll example