Google New Privacy Policy, Evil or Angel ?

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Yesterday was the start of a new month and also a new era in Google's history. You might have  already heard of Google's new privacy policy and all the tantrum that went around it. Yesterday, however, was the official date of its implimentation. Is this a good step forward or a step back in Google's great achievements ?

Since the launch of his Facebook-competing social netwrok Google+, the search guru has bewildered the international community with a new one-size-fits-all privacy policy which came into force yesterday ( March the 1st 2012 ) after weeks of complains and warnings by authorities. I have been going through some forums online and all I found are people showing their disatisfaction and sometimes anger over this new policy. So why all this fuss and what is it in this new policy to stir this huge wave of contempt from users worlwide ?

google privacy policy

According to the guidelines of this new policy Google will be able to :

  1.  Collect and share data of a signed-in Google user from one Google product to another
  2. Google maps records are now kept with search results and combines Google Plus  and Gmail searches and any other uploaded information
  3. Government access to your data is way easier with this policy than ever before in the history of internet
  4. Google will be able to build up a far greater picture of who you are as an individual and therefore start bombarding you with relevant and personalized ads
  5. This new policy also gives 'Google the opportunity to raise the advertising stakes allowing third parties to target users more effectively'.

Conclusion = Google trespasses your digital privacy and makes it vulnerable to other parties
                     Google puts advertisers wants ahead of its users' needs.

It is really funny, I was watching BBC lastnight and there was a representative from Google in Europe trying to defend his company's move and when was asked how users can avoid Google spying eyes on them while using its services he simply said they need to sign off google and therefore no data will be collected. Oh my, how can I sign off my Google account and automatically from all other services to start browsing the net ?Imagine working on a document in Google docs and you want to look for videos to include in it from Youtube, you should first save your doc and log off Google  and head on to Youtube and perform your querry.Being logged off , YouTube  ( which is a Google product ) wont track your search querries or collect any data about you. When you find your video log on back to your Google doc and embed it. This is ridiculously stupid. I am a huge fan of Google and I do appreciate all its great services especially for us in education but this should not blind our eyes to the fact that our own digital privacy is being endangered.

Now that this privacy policy came into force, Google has aldready started facing severe criticisms for its ' unaccounted for ' move. French data protection authorities began investigating the new privacy policy under the belief that it is in breach of Europe's data protection laws. Japanese authorities have also warned against this policy and seeks a clear explanation on the facts. South Korea also warned that its laws could be flouted in the move.

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