The Faculties Free Lectures for High School Students

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The Faculties is a great video resource  for both teachers and students. It provides a wide range of educational videos created by university lecturers speaking on topics in their fields. The  Faculties also helps students choose the right university department and guide them through the  possibilities their studies might open up for them.

The purpose behind these video lectures is two fold. First , it aims at providing relevant video resources for high school students about topics that might interest them and the second goal is to provide and equip students with the right information that will familiarize them with the expectations and realities of being a college student. The content in Faculties is organized in such a way that users will find it easy to browse through.


There are basically 6 sections named as follows: The biology faculty, the Math faculty, the Psychology faculty, the History faculty,the Biology faculty, and the Chemistry faculty.There are videos in each section and based on what they are looking for, students will be faced with various collections of videos made specifically to meet their learning  needs.

Head over to The Faculties and give it a try