Dance Mat A Great Typing App

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Dance Mat Typing is a cool web tool from BBC. It provides typing lessons for young students ages 7 to 11. I have already covered in a previous post a List of The Best Typing apps for students and teachers and after reviewing this new website I am also adding it to the list. Dance Mat is designed primarily for kids but will not do any harm if adults want to use it too.

dance mat

Dance Mat's aim is to improve students' touch typing skills through a series of lessons covering  four different levels. The difficulty moves up gradually from level one where students are introduced to a lesson on the right placement of their hands on the keybaord to level four where they will learn elaborate keybaording tips.

What is really so cool about this website is that each lesson or practice activity offers feedback in audio and visual form. There are also worksheets available for each stage that can be printed out and used offline with a typewriter or computer. Dance Mat is completely free and has a very student friendly interface. It does not require any software download or installation just head over to its homepage and start your typing journey right from there.