20 Cases Solved by Facebook

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I strongly advocate the use of social media in education. I know I got some criticism on some articles I wrote in this regard specifically the one entitle " Reasons Why Facebook is Revolutionizing Education " but I think some educators still did not really open their eyes to the benefits of such tools in learning and they rather prefer the " head in the sand" approach to social media.


Let us take Facebook as an example since it is the most popular social website students use almost on a daily basis. This website is blocked in almost all of the schools excluding thus the positive side it would play in some learning activities, take a look at The Best Facebook Learning Apps to see the potential this platform has for education. I know it is not safe but ' no venture no gains'. Instead of shunning away from websites such as Facebook we should rather teach our students how to use them responsibly and be their immediate model . Without any further ado read the infographic below to see what Facebook can really do for  justice.

20 Cases Solved By Using Facebook
Via: Criminal Justice Degrees Guide Blog