10 Free Mobile Apps to Create Awesome Drawings and Doodles

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one thing students, kids and even some adults love to do is drawing. There are a bunch of awesome drawing tools I have covered here before that can allow you to easily make drawings and skectches online . Some of these tools have social part in the sense that users can share their drawings on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Users can also invite their budies and start collaborating together in real time and even chat back and forth while they are drawing. All these features and many more others are great for students and learners.  The Best of Mobile Technology has reviewed some great Androidd and iOS apps that I want to share with you here and that can do the same things as the web tools I talked about earlier. These mobile apps are totally free  and you can use them on your mobile devices and tablets. I know mobile devices are ubiquoutous and our kids and students have more and more free access to them so why not give them these apps and help them turn their devices into effective learning tools.

Here is the list of the free drawing apps. Among the things these apps have to offer to their users are:

  1.  Easily create sketches
  2. Make drawings
  3. Make doodles
  4. Create shapes,add text, and share with others.

I have included a Google Docs and Issuu presentations containing these apps. Scroll down to see them.

1- Doodle Budy Gold

It allows userst to create sketches and doodles using their fingers. They can finger paint with their own selected colors and drop in playful stamps. -

  • Read the app review here
  • Download the app here

2- Big Fat Convas

 Big Fat Canvas lets users draw free-hand on your Android device using a set of easy to use options such as size altering, selection of colors,and opacity of the line you make.

  • Read the review here
  • Download the app here

3- How to Draw

How to Draw is a great Android app that allows its users to make awesome drawings. Those of you who are fond of art and drawing can now have access to a plethora of materials off/*ered+--- for free and all of which will enable you to have fun while making you drawings
  •  Read the app review here

4- Sync Space

Sync Space is a whiteboard app available for Android  and iOS devices. Sync Space is used to create drawings and documents. It offers free hand drawing  and typing tools. You can use either of them or even both of them at once to create your scribbles.
  •  Read the app review here
  • Download the app here

5- Jot

Jot is a cool iPad app that allows its users to sketch out their ideas in a whiteboard like interface and share them with others in real time. This is indeed one of my favourite collaborative whiteboard apps .

  • Read the app review here
  • Download the app here

6- Show Me

Show Me is a great mobile app for iPad. It allows its users to turn their iPads into interactive whiteboards where they can record their tutorials and animated lessons.
  •  Read the app review here
  • Download the app here

7- Draw Free for iPad

Draw Free for iPad is a great mobile app that allows its users to easily sketch and doodle beautiful drawings.

  •  Read the app review here
  • Download the app here

8- Bambo Paper

Bamboo Paper is a great mobile app that allows its users to sketch whatever they want using their own handwriting on a neat digital paper notebook
  •  Download the app here
  • Read the app  review here

9- Skitch

Skitch for Android is a cool app that allows you to create awesome drawings from scratch
  •  Read the app review here
  • Download the app here

10- Google Docs

Google Docs App is the mobile version of Google documents. It allows users work on documents in real time.

  1.  Read the app review here
  2. Download the app here

Here is  Google Docs presentation containing all these apps

Here is the same presentation using Issuu