YouTube Released Three Great Channels for Teachers,Educators, Students

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Youtube is the video platform number one online. Whenever you want to look for videos online Youtube instantly comes into your mind. Even Google search engine includes Youtube videos in its search results which means that the importance of this media outlet far exceeds what you ever think.

YouTube is very important in education and anyone who has been following what I blog about in the section called YouTube for Teachers would clearly know this fact. Both students and teachers are having constant recourse to its content but unfortunately there are some misconveniences with including materials straight from there. Sometimes videos are accompanied with vulgar language in the comments below it and sometimes  improper videos showing nudity are displayed in the featured playlists on the right side.

 We do not want to subject our students to such hazards that is why many developers have created tools to help you control what to display and what not. I have covered several web tools that can help you do that such as , Quiet Tube, ViewPure, EmbedPlus, Safeshare TV, and Youtube Safe . Anyway, today I am intoruding you to three official Youtube channels that are made specifically for teacher and educators. These channels belong to Youtube and contain safe and student friendly materials that you will definately like to explore.

1- Youtube for Schools

This is a channel Youtube has created to help educators access thousands of free high quality educational videos in a very secure and controlled learning environment. It requires a sign up or you can use your School's Google account to log in and if you do not  have a Google account for your school you can sign up for free one here.

Watch this video to learn more

2- Youtube for Teachers
This is another educational channel created by Youtube to provide educationally relevant videos. It has content organized and classified according to different topics. there are seven topics namely: Elementary, Middle School, High School: Algebra, High School: Functions, High School Geometry, High School: Number and Quantity, and High School: Statistics and Probability.
 Each topic has a wide range of videos.

3- YouTube Education

This is my favourite one for it has videos pertaining to different categories, there are lectures, tutorials, documentaries and so forth. These are the main topics it features:


Primary and Secondary Education

Lifelong Learning