Wunderkit Free Collaborative Workspace for Educators

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Wunderkit is a free collaborative workspace. This is a website that offers an open space for users to collabortae on projects and work they do. Wnuderkit is a great educational tool for both students and teachers and that is why I included it here after all. It has two versio oe is free which is the one we want to use and the other is paid for and has extra features that we do not neccessarily need in education.


Wunderkit requires a registrations. Once logged in users can then start creating their own workspace and name it before inviting others via Facebook and Twitter to join it.Any workspace created can either be open to public or just private so that only you and your members can see it.

Wunderkit has also a social part where  users can also add comments, notes, like status updates and start discussions. Inside a workspace there are three built-in apps and each one of them will help you organize a different aspect of your project in a truly simple way. No need to install anything they are ready for use.

Head over to Wunderkit and give it a try.