When There is a Will There is A Way

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This post might be a source of inspiration for some of you and I meant it and want it to be like that. I have never opened up to you and showed you who the person you keep coming to his blog is ? Well here it starts with one lesson of perseverance from my modest and decent experience in life.


I strongly believe in the axiom that goes: when there is a will there is a way. It has always been my motto in my life. Here are a couple of  examples  why I believe in this saying.  When I first started learning French, my friends used to tell me ' hey French is hard. It is not like English, it might take you years' and so much similar bubble. For me it was different, It was a language that I wanted to master no matter what it takes and whenever I stumbled upon hurdles and obstacles I kept repeating to myself : why my friend x is speaking it fluently, aren't I just as human as he is? This strategy proved its effectiveness and here I am now speaking a very fluent French.

The second example is when I was about to start blogging which was about  5 years ago . I was going around online looking for templates for my blog. I found quite  many and I tried several of them but each time I saw someone else's blog I would want one like his. I knew to change and tweak the design of a template would necessitate HTML and CSS knowledge and I am just an English teacher with no coding experience whatsoever. So after trying hard to find a template that would satisfy my cravings I finally decided to learn HTML and CSS from scratch. It is unbelievably true. It was like a challenge for me. I wanted to create my own template since I could not find one with the ' qualifications' I wanted. It was hard at the start and I used to spend 11 hours glued to my computer screen and after three months I was able to understand the components of the HTML and CSS of  blogs qnd websites. Each time I would  succeed in creating a valid HTM command or tweak a CSS value I would feel so much  happy and high in the seventh cloud. It is  the same feeling a student feels after having worked laboriously on a math excercise for several hours before he finally solved it. I lived like that for several months until I finally was able to create my own template. What was really  funny though was the reaction of some of my colleagues. They might be just like you now for they could not believe a teacher of English would poke his nose into technology matters. I did and I am glad I did and this blog is a living proof of my successful experience with technology.

It did not stop here with Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Blog. For after I personally designed this blog without spending a penny on it ( you will need to pay someone to do the coding for you if you want to design your blog the way you want and have no HTML knowledge ) I recently published a website that I again personally made and is called The Best of Mobile Technology where I write tips and reviews of free mobile applications. Now that I have a blog and a website I find it hard to keep up with posting four articles on each platform on a daily basis knowing that I am also working on my master thesis in the education department of Mount Saint Vincent  University in Halifax, Canada. Yet it is next to impossible that I would ever change this habit .

Yes it takes to give and I have sacrificed many things in my life especially the social side of it  for Blogging, teaching, and Master studies take all my time . Almost no socialising, no kids, no wife but I still enjoy it in my personal way

You might think this is not the life you want. I agree but you need to believe that when there is a will there is a way. You can apply this saying to all other aspects of your  life and you can interpret it the way you want but always think of others who need you, they need your time and they need the person who you are.

If you wanted to do something in your life and feel like you can not or been discouraged by others then just go ahead give it a try. Have faith in you, you can do it.........to be continued soon.