Understand How Google Works

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Google is the backbone of Internet and we could not imagine going online without having to consult its search page for a couple of times each visit. Billions of search querries are performed on Google every day and educators are using it more and more. I have written several articles about its products and how we can use them in education that you can check out in Educational Google Tools .

I am one of the huge fans of Google services especially when it comes to educational purposes. We can not deny that Google has really revolutionized a big part of the how people perceive of education and we are so thankful for this, but the thing which has annoyed not just me but a wide ranger of educational experts is the recent and new Google privacy policy which will be implemented on March 1.2012 and under which Google will be able to collect your  search date and personal browsing information to use it for some unknown purposes. Anyway this is not the topic of post today but I can refer you to this article to learn more about this issue.

google infographic

Today I am sharing with you an interesting infographic about Google. If you want to learn how this internet guru works and how it collects and perform searc operations then have a look at the stats below .

How Google Works.
Infographic by the Pay Per Click Blog