Todays Meet Create Collaborative Workspace for Free

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Today's Meet is a great web tool that allows users to create private rooms where to collaborate and work  together. This is basically a collaborative workspace for teachers and their students. Today's Meet resembles and TitanPad in that they are all open, free and easy to use.

today`s meet

Today's Meet  can be used by teachers to create backchannels and interact more with their students. It is free and easy to use. It does not require any registration or software download. Just head over to its main page and type in the name of your room and select its life span ranging from one hour to one year and then click on ' create my room'.

Today's Meet can be used by students to do several things such as :

  1. Taking notes
  2. Giving feedback after a lesson or lecture
  3. Collaborative work ona project
  4. Create discussions between different students
  5. Maintain conversations with the teacher

Today;s Meet can be a great educational tool in the hands of both teachers and students if used properly. Give it a try .

Watch this tutorial I made to see Today;s Meet in action