Three Free Tools to Create Free Study Groups Online

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Collaborative platforms are among those urgent digital tools that our students need to be familiar with. They are a great source of motivation, creativity and interaction. Sometimes we might under estimate what our learners can do but when they are given the proper tools and enough margin of movement they can really amaze us.
Below is a list of three free collaborative tools to begin with.  You can use them  with your students in the classroom.



Thinkbinder is a free collabortive platfrom where students can easily create study groups. The website also features an open space or what is called a whiteboard where learners can work collaboratively together in solving problems and sharing sketches. Using Thinkbinder , students will be able to chat with each other, share links and resources, share videos and presentations and many more.

2- Dweeber


Dweeber is another collaborative platform that is designed to help students work on their homework. This website requires a free sign up and once students are logged in then they can instantly start building up their community of learners . There is a whiteboard for learners to work and collaborate on doing home work.



Scribblar is an online meeting platform. It is like the previuos tools for it allows its users to work collaboratively using a whiteboard. It also provides tools for learners to create text, draw lines and add images. Scribblar supports PDF files and allows students to upload  PDFs with up to 5 pages.