Teaching Channel Free Resource of Educational Videos

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Teaching Channel is a great website for educators. It is basically a video showcase of inspiring and effective teaching practices. You can browse through hundreds of videos submitted by teachers like you and me. Videos feature different topcis such as classroom management techniques, videos showing how teachers carry out their lesson plans. Teaching Channel is  a video resource that teachers should be aware of.

Content in Teaching channel is organized into different categories. You will find a category called Subjects under which are featured : English Language Arts, Math, Science, History Social Sciences. The second category is Grades, and the thrid one is called Topics where you can find videos on Planning, Class culture, Behavior, Engagement, Differentiation, Assessement, Collaboration, Common Core, New Teachers, and Celebrating Teachers. You can use these categories to easily navigate the site and find your relevant videos

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You will have to create your free account so that you benefit from added features such as being able to download video, take and save notes on each video.

Head over to Teaching Channel and give it a try.