Teachers Matter A great Research on Teachers Impact on Students

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Teachers Matter is a great research done by Raj Chetty and John Friedman from Harvard University and Jonah Rockoff of Columbia University. As you can guess from the title, this research is based on the impact of teachers on students .


Being a teacher is in fact a blessing ( personal view ) for you get to have the chance to educate generations and generations. If you are a good teacher ( I hope you are ) then you will always leave that touch and feel on your students personal lives. Who does not remember some of his teachers ? we all do but sometimes we would remember one and feel great we had the chance to be their students and other times you get pissed off remembering that despot who used to be at you all the time.

This is briefly the gist of Teachers Matter and I would direct you to This page to read the research or watch the full presentation on Youtube.