Spool Access Your Data Offline

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Spool is a great web service that allows its users to save anything online be it videos, images, documents, web pages, PDFs for a later access. This website is still in invite beta phase meaning it is not open to the public now but will be soon. Provide your email address to get an invitation from Spool team as soon as your account is ready.
What is really cool about Spool is that it allows users to access their saved content even in the offline mode. It basically syncs all your content and makes it available for you on any device you have.

Some features of Spool

Here is a list of the main services that Spool offers to its users:

  • It is free
  • It is still in beta till this moment ( 06/02/2012 )
  • It allows users to save web content
  • It syncs your content to all of your devices ( phone, laptop, tablet, computer )
  • It downloads content for offline viewing
  • It allows you to share your favourite websites and content with friends and family by adding it to their Spools.
  • It can be use as a Google Chrome extensions, Android app, or as an iOS app.

Watch this video to Learn more about Spool