Skype in Education Free Collaborative Space for Educators

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Skype in Education is a website created by the popular voice service Skype. It is designed specifically to meet teachers and students needs. This is basically a free global community of educators exchanging help and resources between each others in such an open way that any teacher can join in instantly. If you still have not heard about Skype in Education then let me take you through some of its features very quickly.

skype in education

First off, to start using this service you need to open an account with skype, it is very easy and simple. Once logged in you will then start browsing through its various features. Click on :


This is a directory filled with teachers that are willing to connect and get to know other teachers using Skype. You can use the search bar to look for teachers based on key words, language, and ages taught.

2- Projects

This is a section featuring all the projects listed in Skype in Education. You can also use the search functionality to look for and find projects .

This is mainly a showcase of exceptional Skype in the classroom projects from around the globe.

4- Resources

This is a kind of library of resources that users have provided. You can find links, videos,tips, and articles and you can also add you resource. Use the search bar to filter resources and find what you want.

Advantages  of Skype in Education

Skype in Education can be of great help to our students :

  • It can broaden their cultural knowledge and introduce them to new ways of seeing the world especially when you connect your class to a class in another part of the world using the cultural exchange feature
  • It can help language students speak fluently via maintaining live conversations with native speakers from all around the globe.
  • Students and teachers can access a wide range of educational resources in the library section.
  • Teachers can connect with other teachers from all around the globe and create work groups and help each others.

Head over to Skype in Education and give it a shot.

Watch this video to learn more