See Algebra in Real Life with Get The Math

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Get The Math is a great website that provides students and teachers with real world mathematical challenges. The website includes Algebra-based videos and tutorials done by  professionals in the domaine.The aim behind this service besides helping learners grap maths notions is to contexualise the teaching of this subject.
Many learners think that math is an abstract set of operations and rules that might not have any direct implimentation in the real contexts. This is being refuted by a number of tutorials in Get The Math that try to put the challenges in the context of the real world scenarios which are mainly Fashion design, Video game design, and Music production.

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Each section features experts explaining how math is being used in their professions. What is even cool about this website is that it provides at the end of each video a series of challenges for students to work on. Head over to Get The Math and give it a try.

Head over to Get The Math and learn more

Here is an example of Math in music