Recordr Easy Way to Record and Share Audio Messages

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Recordr is a cool web tool. It, as its name suggests, allows its users to make a recording and share it with the rest of the world. This recording can be done with the use of a microphone a camera and right from your computer.Recordr resembles Qwips the other tool I covered in an earlier post here for they both enable users to make awesone recordings and embed them anywhere online.


Record can be used by teachers to record important reminders to be posted fro students on the classroom blog. It can also be used to create short tutorials or provide explanations on certain topics in the course.There are several other ways you can use it and it is up to you to see what fits in and what not.

How can I get started using Recordr ?

To make a recording using Recordr just head over to its main page and click on the button' record'. You do not need to sing up if you do not want. Make sure you set up your microphone and camera. You can also make just audio recording by clicking on 'audio only'. When you are done click on ' upload' to make it available on Recordr. Just under your video you will have an embed link to use when sharing it. Just remember that if you are using Recordr as a guest user then you wont be able to delete videos you submit to the website.

Head over to Recordr and give it a try.