The Proper Use of Citations and Referencing for Teacher

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Referencing is one of the important skill in education as a whole.Including facts or pieces of information into an essay or a thesis is not done  haphazardly but obeys a certain set of rules that are conventionally agreed upon. If there is no respect of proper referencing then the whole work might be rejected because it has plagiarism. This is the clearcut difference between a plagiarised work and the properly cited one. In the earlier, the writer copies a whole chunk of text and use it in his work making it look like it is his/her without accrediting its owner while in the latter, the writer uses borrowed content from someone else but by giving back credit to its original source.


Teaching our students how to reference their essays and work is not an easy job for there are a couple of things that we need to know first before we go ahead into the explanation processes. We should make a clear distinction between these forms of referencing styles.( This is a snapshot taken from Citethisforme )

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One of the most used  referencing styles as displayed above is the Harvard and APA. To learn more about these styles there is a website called Citethisforme. This website is a citation generator for Harvard and APA. It allows you to generate and organize your citation with a single click. It also offers tips about plagiarims and citation, Check it out it is a real treasure for teachers and students too.

If you want to look for plagiarised work in your students essays and works then try using Plagiarism Checker in Education

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