Predictions for Internet in 2012 ( infographic)

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You might have already made a generalised statement about this post just from  reading the title.It is pretty obvious that internet has become viral in most of the industries now. People are using it  more and nore to do their daily tasks and some are even making a living out of it. Thanks to Internet, several jobs and wok opportunities have been created, many couples have been united, many degrees and diplomats have been earned, and several presidents have been ousted.

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Just a decade ago nobody would have ever predicted this huge shift towards the digitisation of human life. The boom in the mobile technology industry have even increased this use of internet to the point that  it becomes normal to see people walking in the street with their attention completely sucked into the internet on their smarphones. Will this lead us to be just digital creatures living in virtual wrolds ? I hope not but I am against any excessive use of anything be it internet or anything else.
Anyway what I want to share with you today is an infographic about Internet Prediction and since you are educators and teachers and all of you use internet then I think the data included in this infographic might be of some interest to you. Read and share please.

Internet Usage Predictions for 2012

Internet Usage Predictions for 2012 infographic created by © 2012