Open Culture Free Media Resources for Educators

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Open Culture is a great resource of free cultural and educational media for educators. It is really one of my favourite resources online and I have already shared some of its  materials here and on other social media platforms. Open culture features five main tabs that we will review breifly below.

1- Audio Books

This is where you can download free audio books for free. It has hundreds of titles from fiction to poetry and lietrature.

2- Free Online Courses
This section features over 250 free courses in the liberal arts and sciences. These courses are provided by the world' leading universities and can be downloaded into your computer or mp3 player.

3- Movies

This section features more than 300 online free movies organized into different sections such as : comedy an drama, horror and Hitchcok, silent films, documentaries and animations.

4- Learn 40 Languages

This collection features lessons in 40 languages including Spanisg, French, Italian..Lessons are availabe for download.

Head over to Open Culture and give it a try.

Watch this tutorial I made to Learn more.