Novels On Location Find Novels on Google Maps

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Novels on Location is a great web service that allows its users to search for and find fiction works based on thier geographical settings. This is a smart use  of Google Maps technology to find literature works. The service is very easy to use and have a very user friendly service. It does not require any registration or software download. As soon as you are on Novels Location page you can straightforward start locating  novels by clicking on the placemarks that you see or if you have a name in your mind you can use the search bar on the upper right hand corner of the site to search for it.

novels on location

Novels on Location is ont only designed to provide you with novels and other literary works but also lets you contribute with your own titles. To do so , you need to select the geographical location and then enter the title and author of the book you want to share.

Head over to Novels on Location and give it a try.