mySchooNoteBook A Great Educational Note Taking Tool

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mySchoolNotebook is a web service that allows its users to easily take notes and customize them the way they want. Besides being able to edit and format notes, users can also add or insert videos and images into their notes. This is a great tool for teachers and students and has a free version that offers generous features.


To start using mySchoolNotebook you need to register and open a free account there , you can use your Facebook account to login. Once logged in you click on " New Notebook" on the main page. The picture of the notebook will appear and you can rename it according to your wish together with the name of a teacher. Click on the " Add Topic" button in the middle of page to add your topic and start inserting content such as text, videos , and images. When your topic is ready you can then share it with your ffiends, colleagues or students using the share buttons or publish it to the web and let others find it in their search queries.

 As I said earlier mySchoolNotebook offers two different plans that you can choose from , one is free and the other costs $2 per month. The free plan does have some limits but still has some good features such notebook sharing, mobile access and offline access.

mySchoolNote is also available for mobile devices. If you have iPhone, iPad or Android then you can download this app from the relevant app store and you will be able to enjoy all the features of mySchoolNotebook right from the palm of your hands.

Head over to MySchoolNotebook and give it a try.