Masher Create Videos from Photos, Text and Music

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Masher is a popular video service that allows its users to create videos by mixing together video clips, music tracks, and photos. You can also use text throughout your videos.The process is very simple and easy to use.Using drag and drop, your video will be ready in a matter of few minutes.
If you feel like not creating a video of your own then you can check Masher library for videos uploaded by others. Masher features a large collection of video clips from some very known services such as BBC's Motion Gabllery and Rip Curl video. It also has a large music library, and video player skins.


Some features of Masher

Here is a list of the main featuresbthat Masher offers to its users :

  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It lets you create videos out of images and audio clips
  • You can add music, text and special effects to your videos
  • You can share your created videos with others via posting them in sites such as Facebook, MySpace, or through email

Head over to Masher and give it a try