Live Translator A Great Translating Tool for Educators.

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Live Translator is a great web tool provided by Microsoft to allow users to instantly and easily translate text and web pages to languages they choose. This tool looks like Translator Bookmarklet with the only difference that this latter is a bookmarklet and Live Translator is not.

You can use Live Translator either as a regular text translator or as a browser for translating entire web pages. To use the first option you need to just copy and paste the text the boxes in the main page but to use the browser translations then you will have more features which are indeed so practical. To translate a whole web page all you need to do is to copy and paste its URL as shown in the video tutorial below. You will then choose the language into which you want to translate the page and then select the type of view you want .

There are actually 4 bilingual view layouts :

 1- Top/ bottom : in which you will be able to see the original web page in the first half of your window and the translated version in the second half.
2- Translation with hover original : in which you will see the original version whenver you howver on a word or title
3- Original with hover translation: This is the opposite of the previous one, you will see the translated version of anything you hover your mouse over
4- Side by Side : you will be able to see both the original and translated version of your web page on the same screen one is to the right and the other to the left and whatever you do on one is replicated and translated to the other.

Head over to Live Translator and give it a try

Watch this video tutorial to learn more.