A List of Educational Slideshows and Presentations for Teachers and Students

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Presentations and slideshow are great tools in education and learning. They do not only provide information in such a visually appealing way but also help learners remember what they have seen and read. One of the outstanding feature that slidewhows have is their brevity. They provide what is needed in shot sentences and sometimes illustrated with pictures, videos or audio.

Throughout my decent experience in teaching in different countries I come to the conclusion that students and teachers too love to have learning materials presented in slideshows.This is why I devoted a whole section in my blog to just sharing with all of you interesting presentations that you can use in your classroom with your students or share with your colleagues. Below is a list of the slideshows I have been shraring in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

I will be adding to this list anytime I created a new slideshow and you better bookmark this webpage for new updates because more and more awesome slidwshows are on the way.

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