LearnBoost A Free Management Tool for Educators

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LearnBoost is a great web tool for teachers. It allows them to manage their classroom via the use of  a gradebook, creating lesson plans, tracking attendance, maintaining schedules. It also has some of Google's tools built in its software such as calendars,tagging of Common Core standards and much more.


Teachers can use LearnBoost services for a variety of purposes. They can for instance use the Gradebook to:

  1. Track students progress
  2. Generate awesome reports
  3. Track analytics in real time
  4. create rich lessons plans

LearnBoost requires a sign up. There are three sections one for teachers, another for parents, and the last for students. Users need to specify which ones they want to register under.

 Here is a video tutorial to help you learn more about LearnBoost

Take the LearnBoost Tour! | Free Online Gradebook from LearnBoost on Vimeo.