Infographic on The state of Students Debt

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Edudemic has recently released a great infographic about the state of student Debt. It has pictured students as zombies because of the scary situation in which students live now.Some students finish their schools with huge amounts of debts on their shoulders, others are still paying for their diplomats even after 10 years of work now. Is this fair? Can human knowldege be restricted in terms of money ? Why governments do not do anything about it? Why would not they cover all these costs and offer free higher education to everyone or at least with cheap prices. Oh I forget it is capitalism and this is how it works. You pay You live.

student debt

 Out of all the people surveyed 76 percent believe it has become harder to afford college in the last five years. 21 percent believe that students graduate with a manageable amount of college loan debt. Read the infographic to learn more

The Walking Debt
From: Top Colleges Online