Hot Apps to Improve Learner`s Thinking Skills for Free

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Hot Apps 4 HOTS ( Higher Order Thinking Skills ) is a free iOS ebook that is available now in iTunes store. This is an ebook that is designed to promote learning and healp students acquire new skills. It  basically provides learners with the neccessary practice and knwoldege they need to develop higher order thinking skills.

Hot Apps 4 HOTS features a series of apps that represent the different sections of Bloom`s taxonomy. There are many examples and suggestions on how students can use these apps in their learning. Unfortunately the ebook is available just for iOS devices which means that using Android or other appliances will not be able to read it.


If you want to learn more about Bloom`s taxonomy then i would recomend you to read the popular article entitled ; Bloom`s Taxonomy The 21st Century Version.

Head over to iTunes store and download the Hot Apps 4 HOTS.