Google Demo Slam Watch Awesome Tech Demos for Free

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Google Demo Slam is a great  service from Google. This is a website that provides tech demos and tips. I have been exploring its content and found it Really interesting to include here. Educators and teachers can use Demo Slam to look for innovative ways to use technology in general Google services in particular.

Google Demo Slam is typically a platform where creative people and innovative minds share their awesome and unique videos of how to use technology in real life. There are several ideas and demos and what is even important is that you can also contribute with your own slam and let the world rate you. It is very easy to use and completey free of any charge.

google demo slam

All you need to do to start creating your Demo Slam is that upload a video into YouTube containing a new idea of how to use a piece of technology and then enter it into the demo slam and follow the steps found  here.

Why does Google created Demo Slam

This is a question that Google has answered in Demo Slam`s FAQ page when it said :``  We spend our time making a whole bunch of technologies that are free for the world, but a lot of people do not even know about them. And that kind of sucks.So, we thought of organizing the world`s most creative tech demo battle would be a great way to help spread the word and teach people about tech.``

Here are some examples of the slams I liked in Google Demo Slam

1- Google Video Chat

2- Google Goggles

3- Sky in Google Earth

4- Epic Docs Animation