Free URL Shortening Tools for Teachers

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Using the shortened form of URL is a great way for you to advertise and share web contents. Sometimes long URLs get broken causing people who click on them to cut and psate them back. This is not practical at all given that we are living  in an age that is ripe with awesome web 2.0 tools that can help you perform almost anything you want.

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Being educators and teachers you might also be in need of URL shortening services that will enable you to securely shorten your URL and share it with your colleagues or students. Below are Some of the most popular URL Shorteners.

I have included these tools in a presentation that you will find below. You can download, save and share it with your colleagues.
This web tool lets you place up to 50 URLs . It also allows its users to link multiple web sites to a single URL.

Google URL Shortener
 This is one of my favourite shortening tools and probably the best online. It not only shortens  your URLs but also keeps track of the history of your shrotened links and provides you with analytics on how many people clicked on them and so forth.


This is also another great free  tool that makes posting long URL easier. You can drag and drop its bookmarklet to your toolbar. It works on all major web browsers as long as your bokmarks and favourites allows javascript.

This service allows its users to shorten as many URLs as they want. It also lets them share and track analytics of their links.

This is a short URL service that shortens long links for easier sharing with friends on Twitter and Facebook, over email or IM.

Snip URL

this tool allows users to shorten many URLs at once.You can also drag its bookmarklet to your browser for easy use. It does require a sing up.

This is another great short URL service. It does not require a sing up

This one here is like for they have the same features and almost the same platform.


This tool lets you shorten URLs and track what happens with links you share on Twitter.

Here is the presentation in Google Docs

Here is the same presentation in Issuu