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I have been recently working on a small project to collect free math resources for some teachers in my area ( Halifax , Canada ) and what started as a small project ended up as a big research that took me up to a week which I hardly can afford out of my extremely busy schedule. Anyway I am glad it is finished and I am evern happier that several math teachers ( more than 30  ) who attended the workshop liked the materials provided.

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Ironically enough, I am an English teacher and have nothing to do with math but still took the responsibility to run the workshop and provide the resources. I have read, re-read, reviewed and tested  numerous  links  and finally with the suggestions and help of Math  teachers, we selected 21 websites . I have included the websites in the presentation that you are going to see below.

The links included here are all educational websites where you can find evertyhting that is related to Math such as flashcards, games, puzzels, lesson plans, excersises and their solutions, interactive displays, diagrams and videos. I have also included the same presentation in three different version in Google docs, Issuu, and Slideshare, choose you feel comfortable with.

Free Math Resource in Google Docs

Free Math Resources in Slideshare

Free Math in Issuu