Free Audio Tools for Teachers ( Presentation )

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I have been receiving several emails recently asking me for a presentation about free audio tools that teachers can use in their classroom. I know I am a little bit late but I hope you would understand it is just because of the constraints of my thesis studies and work as a teacher.

There are several audio tools out there online and a single querry in a search engine would generate a plethora of links but the question of how useful these tools are they to you will depend on how smart you are with search algorithm and all that bubble. Speaking from the" in the trenches " perspective, I know exactly what kind of audio tools you are looking for as a teacher. You might be in need of a simple web application, easy to use and above all free . Well this presentation has 12 such tools. You can use them to record, play, crop, download and share audio clips. You do not need to have any technology wizardry to start implimenting them. Click on any title to read the review and some of them have video tutorials so everything is handy for you.

Here is the presentation in Google Docs

Here is the same presentation from Issuu