Filamentality Create and Share Learning Activities

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Filamentality is a cool website for educators. I just discovered this tool  morning and I checked it out and here is  it what I found about it. It is a learning tool that allows its users to create and organize their ideas and materials into learning activities. Users pick up a topic and then browse the net looking for links and data supporting it and through the use of Mentality Tips Filamentality offers, users turn their topic into a web-based activity that they can share with others.

This is perfect for teachers for they can use it to create learning activities to share with their students either in the classroom or as homework assignments. Filamentality is very easy to use and have a user freindly interface. It does not require any download or software installation.

To start using Filamentality you need to click on " Start a new Page" then provide a name for your topic, select a user name and password and enter you email addresse and you click on ' spin this page' and there you go. to start a new page you will need a new password but the username you can use it over and over.
Go ahead to Filamentality and give it a try I am sure you will like it.