Evi Audio Search Engine for Android

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Evi is a cool Android app. It provides answers for everything you ask her. It looks like a search engine but way smarter. If  a search engine only analyzes your word conbinations to give you back probable results you might even need, Evi  understands exactly what you want to know and provides you the best answers.

Evi can not perform really good until it gets to know you more. What you like , your location. So the more you ask her the better she gets to constitute a general idea about your likes and dislikes. There is a voice functionality that lets you chat to Evi in plain English. It is not like Siri for the iPhone 4s but can understand you pretty well.


Some features of Evi

Here is a list of the main features that Evi offers to its users:

  • It is free
  • It requires Android 2.2and up
  • It provides information such as :shopping, news,..etc
  • Evi  has a built in browser to help you access all the links in one place without having to swap browsers
  • Evi can  understand you and provide you with the best answers
  • You can chat to Evi and get instant results

Watch this video to learn more about Evi

Here are some screenshots of Evi

Head over to Android market and download Evi

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