EdWeb A Great Professional Learning Network for Educators

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EdWeb is a great website for educators. It is basically a platform where you can build your own personal learning network or join other online collaborative communities to explore new ways to enrich and improve your professional development.As a matter of fact, nobody can ever argue the importance of PLN ( Professional learning network ) in education.They are a part and parcel of today's educational approach to life long learning. If you haven't built one then EdWeb is a good start for you.


EdWeb is a professional social network for the the education community. You need to be a member to start using this website. Among the things that EdWeb can do for you are :

  1. It will enable you to connect  with other colleagues in education
  2. It lets you create professional learning communities
  3. It provides support for new teachers
  4. It is a good help in the practice of the 21st century skills.

Here are some examples of the featured Professional Learning Communities you can join in EdWeb :

  1. Emerging Tech for School Libraries
  2. Exploring eBooks for k-12 Education
  3. Game- Based Learning
  4. Tech Tools for The Classroom
  5. Using your Student Data for Student Achievement

Head over to EdWeb to explore more.