Easily Showcase your Stories Using Jux

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Jux is a great website. It allows its users to create awesome slideshows and impressive statements. Jux is one of the best showcase for your stories. You can embed videos and photos from your hard drive or from a URL. This service is very easy to use and does not require any advanced technological knowledge. If you know how to make a slideshow then Jux is even easier.


Jux is free to use but also has a premium version for upgraded features. As teachers and students, the free version is sufficient. Students can use Jux to showcase their projects and assignments.Currently Jux allows only one jux per user which is the only inconvenience I have remarked while reviewing this service.

Jux is like a blogging software where you can publish your posts and tag them.It also allows for HTML customization if you know how to do it. When you publish a post which can be anything ( slideshow, text, video, photos ) you will be able to share it with the rest of the world using Twitter, Facebook and Email. I wish they added the embed option too but until now those were the only three ways to advertise and share your Jux.
Head over to Jux and give it a try.