Documentary Heaven Free Documentaries for Educators

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Documentary Heaven is a free website that provides free documentaries. It has a wide library that contains up to 2100 videos and will soon have more for its user base is growing up fast. After going through some of its features I decided to add this video resource to The Best Free Educational Documentary Websites I have been compiling here.
Documentary Heaven  is free and does not ask for any software download or installation. Users can start browsing straight away.Just like most of the documentary websites I have covered before, Documentary Heaven organizes its content into a wide range of categories such as Educational Human Rights, Archaeology, Psychology, Health, Evolution, Environment, Economics, Mystery, Nature, Philosophy and many more. The videos are sourced from different video platforms including, but not limited to, YouTube.


Documentary Heaven also allows its users to contribute with their own videos. There is a tab in the upper bar called ' submit ' which can be used for this purpose. There is also a Forum where users get to ask questions about documentaries or the like and get answers from others.

I do recommend Documentary Heaven to educators and teachers. Give it a try and I am pretty sure you will find content to include in your future lesson plans.