The Digital Devide in Education

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Internet has tremendously revolutionized our life to the point that we become completely dependant on its services in our everyday chores.The degree of this dependence varies from one person to the other yet its presence is ubiquitous. The question that poses itself here is does everyone have the same free access to internet? and those who already have this access do they have the same broadband?

digital devide

These questions if asked from an educational perspective could even be much more insistent. Inequality to internet access among students could create a digital abyss that would definitely result in low performance.Additionally, not all schools have sufficient computers for their students and even worse there are still schools in some parts of the world that do not have one single computer in their establishment ( some in Rowanda and Ethiopia ). The inforgraphic below has some interesting data about this digital devide. Read and share with your colleagues and students.

Digital Divide
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