Curriki A Great Social Networking Website for Educators

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Curriki is a great social networking website for educators. I just discovered it this evening and after playing around with its features I decided to register with them. Curriki is basically a sort of collaborative learning platform where teachers meet up and exchange resources and teaching tips.


Curriki is completey free and does require a registration. Once registered you can then start browsing its content. There are actually over 250.000 members and more than 40.000 learning resources available. You can easily connect with fellow teachers and create your own learning communities. I have personally found some amazing lesson ideas and tips about good teacing practices. The more you sink into the materails provided there the better results you get. Resources are searchable by subject, search term and standards. Once you set up your search querry you might get results in several formats including, links, lesson plans, animations, activities and many more.
Head over to Curriki and start exploring it.