Clipgenerator Easily Create and Share Video Clips

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Clipgenerator is a great video tool that allows its users to easily create their own video clips. It can be used to compile professional slide shows from your photos, texts and music. There is also a set of automated animations and film clips compiled by professional designers and perfectly tuned to the music for you to include in your digital video creations.

Clipgenerator is very easy to use. You do not need to download any software or go through any registration process. You can start making your videos right from the webpage. Educators and teachers can use this tool to create step by step tutorials on specific topics or themes.

How can I get started  using Clipgenerator?

To make your video clip you need to:

  • Select the photos you want to use . Those can be either on your computer or from Picassa,Flickr,Smugmug or Photobucket.
  • Add music : There is a library of popular songs from various music genres. pick up the ones you want to include
  • Add Text: You can add captions to your video to make it much more expressive.

Head over to Clipgenerator and give it a try.