Challenges Facing Educators Using Social Media

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Online privacy is one of the most debated topics in educational technology spheres these days. We advocate the use of technology in education but we should also be aware of the challenges facing this option. Social media is a major element of this technology we are using in our daily life. Students too are having more and more access to it which can sometimes constitute a real danger to their online identities unless we teach them how to protect themselves while using these websites.

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 I have already compiled a set of Internet Safety Tools into a slideshow and would also direct you to some great articles I found in Jeffthomastech Blog. The first article is about Google's new privacy policy which will be employed starting March1.2012. According to this update Google will be able to share your search history and collect your browsing data to use for ' internal issues' which is nothing but spying on you and intruding into your privacy. Please read this article to learn more about this and be on guard.
It is also said that Facebook is reading text messages of people who use their smartphone apps. Read this article to learn more about this topic.
Finally here is an infographic that will sum up the intricacies of social media and its implications.

The Sad State of Social Media Privacy [infographic by MDG Advertising]

by MDG Advertising