Can Technology Save Today's Education ? ( Infographic )

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Is it true that today's youth are not really interested in schooling? " teacher I hate school " this is what  I was told by one of my  grade 12  students in a public school in Halifax just two days ago.I know this is a single case but it is just the emerging part of the iceberg. Below is an example of the American case. Read the frightening stats about test scores  and drop out rates among students. America is not alone in this for ,out of my decent expeirnece in teaching in different countries in Africa and Europe and now in Canada, I can strongly confirm the fact that several other educational systems suffer more or less  the same flaws.

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" Open any newspaper and the story is the same: The American educational system is tragically failing our youth.Student test scores are dismal and drop out rates are astronomical . But many experts believe  that the burgeoning field of educational technology provides hope and with Apple's big announcement this week, they might just be right".

Do you think technology and Apple in particular can do any good to our educational failures? Is is the remedy we have been long waiting for ? read the infographic below to learn more and don't forget to share it with your colleagues and friends.

Can tech save education?