9 Great Articles about The 21st Century Education

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I am sharing with you in this post that features the most successful articles I have covered in the section of the 21 st century education.These posts have been viewed thousands of times and I deemed it necessary to amass them all in one article to make it easy and accessible for everyone.

21st century education

Just a brief of overview before you  start reading the list. If you are an educator or teacher which I am pretty sure most of you here are then you will find the following articles helpful in building a general concept about the importance of technology in teaching and how we can have a hand in the right implementation of this technology into our classrooms. The aim is to promote learning and sharpen our students skills and equip them with the right tools to succeed in the 21st century world market.

1- The 21st Century Skills Teachers Should Have

2- The 21st Century Teaching Tips for Educators

3- The 21st Century Pedagogy in Teaching

4- The 21st Century Letter to Education

5- Mobile Learning The Next Trend in Education

6- Bloom's Taxonomy: The 21st Century Version

7- How Internet is Revolutionizing and Shaping The 21st Century Education

8- PBL- The Best Teaching Method in The 21st Century Instruction

9- The Digitised Version of Alphabets