YouTube Trends Watch The Trending Videos as They Happen

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YouTube Trends is a great service offered by YouTube. It allows its users to view the currently trending videos on YouTube. It looks like a newsy portal to me for you do not have to go around news websites and video hosting platforms to see what is hot there , you can see it all from YouTube Trends and in a single click.

This service relies on viewership data and top video curators on the web . It also displays a general cultural and media trends via the issues and musings people find relevant. YouTube Trends organizes its content into several categories such as :  Trending Topics, Trending Videos, Popular this month, Recent Entries, Categories and Links. You can also use Trends Dashboard to filter videos that are trending based on location, age, and gender. This a useful tool for those who want to learn more about the demographic is interested in.

Head over to YouTube Trends and give it a try.