YouTube Leanback Watch Videos in TV Like Way

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YouTube Leanbback is a cool tool for lazy people like me. Sometimes it happens that you want to watch YouTube videos and lay back without having to constantly switch between videos and full screen modes. It becomes annoying when you lean back watching a video in full screen but have to get up to change the video and skip to the next one. YouTube Leanback has a solution for you. It will allow you to watch YouTube videos in  chilled TV like way.

As soon as you access YouTube Leanback , videos automatically start playing based on your favourites, your playlist, your downloads if you have any, hisotry and likes and dislikes. It syncs with your YouTube account and start playing videos fectched from it. You can choose which list to watch from the right hand side..
Each video is played in full screen mode with the highest quality possible.. To move back and forth between videos you simply use your keyboard arrow keys . Now you can really sit back ,relax, eat your popcorn while watching YouTube Videos.

Head over to YouTube Leanback and give it a try.